Welcome to Pelorus Eco Adventures!

Pelorus Eco Adventures is a dynamic New Zealand kayaking company that offers fully guided kayak tours on the Pelorus river. Whether this is your first time on the water or you are experienced in river kayaking, the beautiful Pelorus river has a lot to offer.

Havelock, Pelorus Sounds, Marlborough region

Pelorus Eco Adventures river kayaking is located in the Greenshell Mussel Capital of the World between Picton, Blenheim, and Nelson. Havelock provides easy access to the magestic views of the Sounds and the sensational vineyards of the Marlborough region in New Zealand.

All this with beautiful walking tracks at your fingers, too.

Right from Havelock there are three walking tracks leading you to a waterfall, lovely views, estuary birds and the best glow-worms in New Zealand.

Havelock is a historical village founded on the gold rush and wood trade of the 1860s. Havelock thrived, catering for the miners from the near-by Canvastown, with 23 hotels and the saw mill located here - it was a bustling township.

Known as the gateway to the Sounds, Havelock is a fantastic base for your Marlborough experience. Whether you walk, cycle, drive or take to the water - don't miss the Pelorus Sounds & Marlborough's stunning views by kayaking on new zealand's most beautiful river with Pelorus Eco Adventures! Kayak amongst the truly prestine native podocarp forest new zealand is famous for.

Sustainability programme


Both our business's kayaking shuttle bus and our family van are run on a fish and chip oil-recycled bio-diesel. We have built a small-scale, sustainable processing plant to re-use the local canola oil from 3 local restaurants, pretty cool huh!


We have installed 5 kilowatt of solar panels to offset out power usage and also save money. Additionally we are importing and selling them across New Zealand. So give us a ring for a quote.


We have also chosen a natural color scheme for all our river kayaking equipment so that we don't visually impact on the environment. We collect any plastic or rubbish we find along the shores while kayaking.

We support New Zealand's environmental care code - a checklist of things you can do when you visit NZ to help keep the environment clean and intact.

Meet your hosts & their connection to the river

Shane was born & raised at the top of the South Island. He always loved an outdoor lifestyle, spending his time diving, hunting, rafting, flying or mountain biking & with a backyard like Marlborough, it was all there. Asha was born & raised in Auckland & spent 10 years living and working in England & Ireland & travelling over 50 countries around the world. Even after all the amazing places she visited, NZ was always home in her heart. Returning home & meeting Shane in 2005, they bought & renovated the Bluemoon Lodge & chose Totara Flat (now the take-out point of the Barrel Run) as the perfect setting for their wedding. Now 8 years on, their 3 young boys love to play at the river & help mum & dad with the boats.

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