Bluemoon Lodge Accommodation

Welcome to Bluemoon Lodge, your gateway to a perfect Havelock experience! Nestled at the heart of Marlborough, Bluemoon Lodge invites you to book your accommodation now for an unforgettable stay. Situated at the starting point of the enchanting ‘Hobbit Kayak Tour,’ our lodge offers not just a place to rest, but a launchpad for exploration.

Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll, an adventurous cycle ride, a scenic drive, or a tranquil water excursion, Bluemoon Lodge is your ideal base. Marvel at Marlborough's breathtaking views, renowned for its status as the Greenshell Mussel Capital of the world. Havelock's strategic location places you conveniently:

  • Picton: A mere 50 minutes away via the picturesque Queen Charlotte Drive, offering a scenic journey to this charming town.
  • Blenheim: Only 20 minutes away, providing quick access to the renowned Marlborough Vineyard wine tours.
  • Nelson: A short 50-minute drive opens up opportunities to explore this vibrant city.
  • Anakiwa: Just 25 minutes away, serving as the starting or ending point of the iconic Queen Charlotte Walk track.

Bluemoon Lodge not only offers comfortable accommodation but serves as a central hub for discovering the wonders of Marlborough. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the region, and let Bluemoon Lodge be your home away from home. Book now and embark on an adventure that combines comfort, convenience, and the captivating allure of Havelock.